To Our Shareholders and Investors


To Our Shareholders and Investors

Corporate Goal
-Create change by continuing to challenge itself. –

Gaining “customer satisfaction (useful information and services),”
“employee pride (company and work),” and “shareholder trust (future and achievements)”
by creating a new society through change and innovation.

Corporate Ideology
To turn challenges into future power and contribute to society with dreams, inspirations, and joy.

In the coming 10 years, the mobility environment surrounding us will change drastically.
Gasoline-fueled vehicles will evolve into diverse carbon-neutral vehicles.
People will shift from owning a car to sharing a car.

When the times change significantly, the true value of enterprises is tested.
Our company will accumulate and utilize data on vehicles and users in the fields of used cars, new cars, maintenance, and motorcycles, create new services based on data and AI, and swiftly respond to the rapid changes in the environment.

By pursuing “dreams, inspirations, and joy,” we will become a “mobility style partner” in the new age.
Then, we will create new value in the world, and become a “partner for the future society” so as to be genuinely selected by society.
Our company upholds the corporate goal of being a “changing company,” and all of our staff will join hands to attain this corporate goal.

April 2023

Kenji Kamiya