Eliminating and addressing information asymmetry in the used car industry

In the used car market, where information asymmetry tends to occur, we stand between sellers and buyers through our car information media “Goo-net” and provide a sufficient amount of information for decision-making, while pursuing high transparency and reliability of the quality of the information, in order for users (buyers) to purchase used cars with peace of mind.

Car condition information disclosure service

In order to pursue the high transparency and reliability of the quality of information, we conduct the “ID cars (Goo-inspection + Used Cars Certified by Makers)” service for the disclosure of car condition information and provide inspection information.
This information allows users to purchase used cars with peace of mind, as they can check the condition of the exterior, interior, engine, restoration history, etc. through the online “Vehicle Condition Appraisal Report,” which in turn contributes to the high purchase rate in Goo-net.

Promoting digitalization in the automotive industry

Our company is promoting DX in the automobile-related industry and is investing in software to improve operational efficiency and user communication. We will continue to develop DX-related services and contribute to the promotion of digitization and business efficiency improvement in the automotive industry.

Aiming to be a company where employees can work with enthusiasm and energy

We believe that in order to fulfill our corporate social responsibility, it is important to not only respect human rights, but also promote businesses that contribute to the sustainability of people, society, and the planet. To this end, we have established the Charter of Corporate Behavior, which serves as the foundation for all our corporate activities, and we strive to act with high ethical standards.

Ensuring Diversity

We aim to create a corporate culture in which all employees, regardless of nationality, gender, age, or disability, can work independently, proactively, and autonomously, with enthusiasm and joy. To achieve this goal, we recognize that the vitality derived from the diversity of our human resources is an important source of human capital, and we plan to actively recruit a diverse workforce, including women, the non-Japanese, and people with disabilities, as well as to take proactive measures in the placement, training, education, and promotion of these people.
On our website, we have set out plans and quantitative targets for the ratio of female employees, the average length of service of female employees, and the development of an employment environment that supports the balancing of work and family life for workers who are raising children.