We believe that in order to fulfill our corporate social responsibility, it is important to not only respect human rights, but also promote businesses that contribute to the sustainability of people, society, and the planet. To this end, we have established the Charter of Corporate Behavior, which serves as the foundation for all our corporate activities, and we strive to act with high ethical standards.

[Governance concerning personnel development and establishment of an in-house environment (management system for human capital and diversity)]

For the basic policies, issues to be addressed, etc. regarding human capital and diversity, the management section takes a central role in holding sectional meetings, to discuss and design measures for grasping our personnel portfolio, offering learning opportunities, and improving the engagement of executives and employees for the purpose of energizing individuals and organizations. Regarding the investment in human capital, the Board of Directors of our company checks whether it is in line with our corporate goals, management ethos, and expected images of employees, and whether the allocation of managerial resources and our business portfolio are effective when setting a long-term vision. In addition, the Board of Directors oversees the progress of each activity, has discussions, and gives advice. Our company will actively allocate managerial resources for investing in human capital, which creates corporate value.

[Policies and strategies for training personnel and developing an in-company environment]

Our company considers that the know-how of executives and employees is an important element for improving mid/long-term corporate value. We are striving to enrich opportunities for executives and employees to grow through in-company training, etc. while considering them as human assets, and develop a comfortable employment environment in which all employees can exert their abilities while pursuing the good balance between work and private life.

[Indicators for the policies for developing personnel and establishing an in-house environment, goals based on said indicators, results, indices, and goals]

As our company considers the empowerment of women as a management issue, we are improving our workplaces through the reform of awareness in our company, etc. Concrete measures include the appointment of women as directors (4 female directors as of June 2023), the establishment of a consultation desk for securing the health of female workers in our intranet, and promoting female employees to take childcare leave and maternity leave, and promoting male employees to take leave at the time of childbirth.

[Promotion of Women and Non-Japanese to Management Positions]

As of March 31, 2023, we have 50 female employees and 2 non-Japanese employees.
As the percentage of female employees is still small, it is difficult to set a measurable target for promotion to management positions, but we will first work to improve the number of employees promoted to management positions by improving their respective employment results, and we will consider disclosing the results in the future.
From the perspective of promoting the activities of women, we will work to increase the number of options for women’s career development by proactively improving the employment environment to support workers who are raising children to balance their professional lives.

[Promotion of mid-career hires to management positions]

As of March 31, 2023, the ratio of mid-career hires to management positions was 81.6%, and the ratio of mid-career hires to total employees was 81.5%.

Eliminating and addressing information asymmetry in the used car industry

In the used car and automobile maintenance fields, where information tends to become asymmetric, we offer sufficient information for making a decision to those who are thinking of purchasing a used car and those who are looking for a car maintenance shop via “Goo-net” and “Goo-net Pit,” and pursue high transparency and reliability of information.

Providing peace of mind through car condition information disclosure services

In order to pursue the high transparency and reliability of the quality of information, we conduct the “ID cars (Goo-inspection + Used Cars Certified by Makers)” service for the disclosure of car condition information and provide inspection information.
This information allows users to purchase used cars with peace of mind, as they can check the condition of the exterior, interior, engine, restoration history, etc. through the online “Vehicle Condition Appraisal Report,” which in turn contributes to the high purchase rate in Goo-net.

Promoting digitalization in the mobility industry

Our company is promoting DX in the mobility industry and is investing in software to improve operational efficiency and user communication. We will continue to develop DX-related services and contribute to the promotion of digitization and business efficiency improvement in the mobility industry.