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Notice on the Revision (dividend increase) to the Forecasted Term-end Dividend for the Term Ending March 2016

 We hereby notify you that PROTO CORPORATION has decided to revise the forecasted annual dividend for the current term at the Board of Directors meeting held on March 1, 2016.

1. Revision to the forecasted dividend

2. Reason for the revision to the forecasted dividend
 PROTO considers that it is important business management issue to distribute profits to shareholders while strengthening the management base. So PROTO’s bacis policy is to distribute profits to shareholders by comprehensively considering the continuous and stable dividend payment and the enrichment of retained earnings, etc. for the future growth.
 For the current term, Net income attributable to owners of parent is estimated to be in the red, due to the impairment loss in consolidated subsidiaries and other factors. But as the performance of our core business is healthy, we decided to upwardly revise the estimated term-end dividend by 1 yen from 19 yen to 20 yen. Accordingly, the annual dividend is estimated to be 39 yen.

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