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Notice Regarding the Status of Stock Repurchases (Stock Repurchases under the Provisions of Articles of Incorporation Pursuant to Paragraph 2, Article 165 of the Corporation Law of Japan)

PROTO CORPORATION ("the Company") hereby announces as below, the status of repurchases of shares of its common stock conducted pursuant to Article 156 of the Corporation Law of Japan, as applied pursuant to Paragraph 3, Article 165 of the Corporation Law.

1.Period for repurchases:January 1, 2013 to January 31, 2013
2.Class of shares repurchased:Common stock
3.Total number of shares repurchased:72,300 shares
4.Aggregate repurchased amount:110,593,100 yen
5.Method of repurchase:Acquisitions on the Osaka Securities Exchange

1. Details of the resolution at the Board of Directors meeting held on October 29, 2012:
(1)Class of shares to be repurchased:Common stock
(2)Total number of shares to be repurchased:Up to 400 thousand shares 
(Ratio to the number of outstanding shares: 1.91%)
(3)Aggregate repurchase amount:Up to 500 million yen
(4)Period for repurchases:November 1, 2012 to March 22, 2013

2. Total number and value of shares repurchased as of January 31, 2013:
(1)Total number of shares repurchased:246,300 shares
(2)Aggregate repurchased amount:353,771,600 yen

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