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To Our Shareholders and Investors

   Our company is commemorating the 40th anniversary of establishment this term, thanks to the support from our stakeholders. Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts. As this 40th anniversary is our important milestone, I will exemplify our "PROTO-ism," including our corporate ideology and corporate ethos, which have been upheld since the establishment in 1977, and make efforts to instill and enforce them fully in our company.

   As for the automobile-related industry, which is our main field, domestic new car sales in 2016 went below those in the previous year, and as average car lifespan and usage length are getting longer, our market environment is still tough. Additionally, the change in the forms of car use, such as car sharing and ride-sharing, will affect car sales quantity in the future. So, we expect the competition and shakeout among companies to proceed at an accelerated pace.

   While the Japanese market is shifting in such a tough situation, we have strived to establish our brand in the industry by actively investing in the launch of ID cars and Goo Purchase, the release of GooPit and Goo Checkup services, expanding the market share of the new car business negotiation tool gDataLine SalesGuideh and GooBike-inspection under our business policy of gEstablishing the Brands for our Company and Productsh in order to secure the absolute number one position in the automobile-related information industry. As a result, our core website, Goo-net, expanded its user-reach by maximizing the amount of information, and improving quality, and realized the expansion of the user base in the maintenance, new car and motorcycle fields by launching new services, as well as making progress toward our goal of securing the number one position.

   We will continue to accelerate our business expansion throughout our group by promoting growth in the number of business partners, while pursuing business synergy with our group companies. To do so, we will strengthen the development and provision of services and products, which are thought of from the customersf perspective, in each of our business fields.

   Lastly, to realize our company goal of becoming a gWonderful Companyh (to create a firm demanded by society, by satisfying customers with useful information and services, boosting the pride of employees for their company and work, and winning the trust of shareholders for the future and results), all of us will bind our hearts together, and strive to create a company that would win support from our stakeholders. We would appreciate your continued support.

April 2017

Kenji Kamiya

Kenji Kamiya@@