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To Our Shareholders and Investors

On April 1st, 2014, I, Kenji Kamiya, was appointed as President, in succession to Tatsuzo Irikawa.

As I assumed my new position, I introduced a new slogan: gunited to succeed.h The idea behind the slogan is that all our employees will work together as one, all our companies will take on rivals and challenge themselves in new markets, and in doing so, we will achieve the company goal we have already established: To build a gwonderful companyh that earns the satisfaction of customers, the pride of employees, and the respect of the community.

I will begin by working to internalize the gPROTO ismh ideal, spread it through the company, and give it a firm footing. PROTO ism is built on the philosophy and principles established at our companyfs founding.

Then, starting with Goo-Inspection, we will actively develop the Goo brand of products and services with the aim of increasing value in the industry and meeting the needs of customers. Our company has a presence throughout the country, not just in the automobile sector, but in motorbikes, too. Going forward, I want us to leverage our know-how and provide more Goo-branded products and services in the motorbike sector.

Finally, we released the MOTOR GATE to further expand the number of companies on the autumn, 2013. We shall work in the used car information business and become an active player in the car maintenance sector. We shall seek out clear synergies amongst the group subsidiaries, and increase group-wide management efficiency and business development speed.

Our founder, Hiroichi Yokoyama, and my predecessor, Tatsuzo Irikawa, have built a national sales network of 57 locations and a corporate group made up of over 10 subsidiaries. Along with the high recognition and brand power of our core Goo media, we have the robust corporate foundation on which to build future businesses. I understand these strengths, and will make full use of them as I take up my responsibilities, and deliver on my promise to always take us to the next level and achieve our corporate goal of becoming a gwonderful company.h

gUnited to succeedh, we shall continue to commit ourselves faithfully and diligently to building a company that earns the trust, respect, and support of all our stakeholders. We hope for your continued support in the future.

April 2014

Kenji Kamiya

Kenji Kamiya@@